QuickEditS Overview

QuickEditS offers enhanced editing of SugarCRM™ and SuiteCRM module records. Here are the key features that let users quickly and easily:

  • Work seamlessly across all SugarCRM™ editions using a spreadsheet-like interface.
  • Search on-demand or on-premise instances for module records using enhanced filtering.
  • Import and Export records quickly for your reporting needs or database updates.
  • Find a subset of records within the search results.
  • Drag-and-Drop files to create notes and documents.
  • View and edit related module records.
  • Create new relationships.
  • Mass-update calculated fields.
  • Let multiple users to access multiple SugarCRM instances with a single license.


QuickEditS supports multiple configurations that users can recall.

select example


QuickEditS helps users create flexible search filters that can be manually enhanced.

search example


QuickEditS users can also perform other record operations, in addition to record field editing.

edit example