Quick Dropdowns Overview

Quick Dropdowns allows administrators and authorized users to create and quickly edit and populate dropdowns. Here are some of its key features:

  • Populate your dropdown lists in all SugarCRM™ editions quickly and reduce slow manual data entry.
  • One-click exporting and importing lets users mass update or replace dropdown contents via editable CSV files.
  • Dropdown lists can be used for standard or custom dropdown fields in any module.
  • Users can select the Language to use for the list items, when additional language packs are installed.
  • To reorder any items in the list users simply drag and drop items into their desired positions.
  • Creating, deleting and updating a single list item takes a quick one-click action.
  • Administrators can allow certain users to maintain a designated subset of dropdowns to save time and effort.

Quick Dropdowns Functions

Dropdowns screen shot